Technical information

UVisable® are UV-lamps of a entirely new construction with performance that far outstrips UV-lamps hitherto available on the market. With UVisable® is it much easier than before to detect fluorescent materials and pigments. The possibilities to work with UV-technology can by UVisable® be considerably improved at the same time as the performance is more effective.

UVisable® is the result of comprehensive efforts to develop the best hand-held lamps and searchlights for ultraviolett light (UV-light = UVA) on the market. The source of light is a 35 W gas discharge lamp (Xenon). It is small in size, shock resistant and extremely durable. This together with toughened glass filter contributes to low running costs. The light source and reflector in combination with an unique electronic unit gives UVisable® a UV-intensity over 10 times higher than that of conventional UV-lamps with 100-150 W and older type of technology. UVisable® generates very little heat. The risk of burns is thus extremely small as is the risk of causing fire.

Portable and battery-powered combined with the high UV-intensity and long range (more than 100 meters) opens up new field of applications not possible before. Many materials and objects in our environment as organic material, chemicals and many other substances are fluorescent and lights up with UV-light.

UVisable® is powered by a 14,4 V Li ion battery. The battery can be recharged in about 4 hours with a separate charger. UVA-135.M has no battery but is powered from mains.

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