New battery generation for more flexibility

The models VL-UVA-RI1H and VL-UVA-T68 now use a new generation of batteries. A higher capacity as well as improved cell chemistry will prolong the potential usage time and thus give even more flexibility to their users.

UV lamps — An important aid in hygiene education

A good way of making hygiene education quicker and more effecient is using UV lamps. By means of such course members can easy observe if surfaces have been cleaned or are needed to be cleaned.

With UV-light (UVA) you can quick, safe and neutral decide whether it is sufficient clean even where no visible (in white light) dirt can be seen. Easy, rapid and efficient can everyone who handle food improve their cleaning routines.

See examples of the efficiency in Examples UV-light.

UV lamps decrease spreading of hospital infection

Since bacteria which are resistant against anitbiotics are spreading easiest in hospitals they are usually called "hospital infection". The correct name is MRSA, short for Methicillin Resistenta Staphylococcus Aureus.

Improvement of hygiene in premises and on equpiment reduces the risk of spreading bacteria. By means of UVisable® UV lamps (wavelength UVA) you can quick, easy and neutral find spots of dirt and source of errors and thereby reduce spreading of infection.

See UV-light for general information.

A peace of big little news — Flashlight with UV-light

Flashlight with UV-light (UVA) has been in the assortment a couple of years. This flashlight, UVA T68, is now upgraded. It is lighter, slightly shorter and entirely in aluminium. It can be supplied with two alternative reflectors, Spot and 12 degrees diffusion angle. The spot reflector gives a long range and a narrow beam. The 12 degrees reflector gives a broader and shorter beam.

More information see pages Specifications and Images.

UVisable® — UV lamps in all branches

The number of UVisable® UV-lamps (wavelength UVA) have increased continously since the beginning some years ago. The UV lamps are developed by Drivdon AB in Delsbo, Sweden. The customers are represented in following branches:

• Dairy
• Food
• Pharmaceutical
• Cleaning
• Paper
• District heating
• Painting
• Electronics
• Vehicles
• Mechanical engineeering
• Education

List on customers, see References.